CVsavvy Terms and Conditions


By placing your order with CVsavvy, you accept these Terms. CVsavvy reserves the right to change these Terms at any time and without notice, and your continued use of our services following any change is your acceptance of such change. CVsavvy is not contracted until we accept your order. Prices are subject to change before a contract is entered into.

Confidentiality and Privacy

CVsavvy treats all work with confidentiality, and we guarantee your privacy. We do not hold your documents on file once your job is approved.

Apart from the Executive Level CV, your new CV should be no more than three pages. The Executive Level CV is designed for senior executives, lawyers, doctors, dentists, academics. If a review of your documentation shows you have selected the incorrect level, we will discuss this with you in your phone consultation.

Delivery Times
Once we receive advice of your engagement of our services, you will be contacted by a writer within one working day to arrange your phone consultation. You will receive a first draft of your new CV within 48 hours from the day of your phone consultation. We do not start work on new projects until you have spoken to a writer or otherwise provided all the information we require. Revisions are completed within two business days of your requesting them. We are not responsible for missed application deadlines, and we recommend engaging our services at least one week before application deadlines.

Document Format
Your final documents will be delivered in PDF and Microsoft Word format. We are not liable for incompatibility issues with your individual computer set-up although we will assist so far as is possible to resolve any incompatibility issues.

CVsavvy takes all reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of its written work. Our writers and employees are not liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with your use of our services.

LinkedIn Profile
We provide you with a Microsoft Word document file from which you can copy and paste into your LinkedIn profile. We do not enter the information directly on LinkedIn.

Payment is required in full on approval of your draft CV. Writing of any other documents will proceed on payment, and editable documents will be provided on completion of all writing. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Phone Consultations
Your phone consultation should take between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on the information you have already provided. Subsequent phone calls are at the discretion of your writer and are subject to their availability.

We aim to respond to all correspondence, including complaints, within 24 hours of your email notification. Should a problem not be resolved to a client’s satisfaction, the matter can be referred to arbitration from an agreed independent third party arbitrator.